Sony DRU 810A unlock?

Juz bought a 810A yesterday, quite pleased with it, Im not a hardcore user u see…
But I wish to unlock all the region codes, is there anyway to do so?


Hi :slight_smile:
At the moment all you can do is use s/w like AnyDVD(click on AnyDVD in my sig & d/l for 21 day free trial). As no f/w available.
If you crossflash to either Plextor 740 or BenQ 1640 you can get f/w from here.

I dont think I’ll xflash to other firmwares… Bundled stuff wont work I guess… So, Will there b a firmware update from Sony? Likely?

To flash the Sony DRU 810a to the Benq 1640 you have to use binflash correct?