Sony DRU 810A problems



Hello all… this is my first post here :)… found this community to be very helpful so i am here …!

Well whats happening with my sony burner is that firstly it never burnt any dvd at its full rated speed. But burnt well enough at slower speeds.

Now after about 2 yrs of usage, whenever i run a disc quality test, there is just no speed and there is a lot of jitter errors in the lower graph of Nero CD_DVD Speed.

The drive is able to verify all written data successfully and also is able to read all data successfully from dvds it wrote however the video dvds don’t play well on the standalone. :confused:

Also its tray eject mechanism is completely out of order and i am tired of putting a screw into it everytime…

Has it reached the end of the line? The previous stock asus cd writer i had was not able to verify the written data when it died… so i am more confused.

Then if i decide i want to buy a new writer, i am just so confused with what brand to go for…

All samsungs i have seen randomly do not eject the tray on one button press… (a thing which i am greatly turned off by :bigsmile:)

LG drives seem to not be so advanced as the samsungs, if you go by their (samsung’s) statements on the website.

Already seen sony :Z…

I know this must be the most common question here, and i have gone through many such threads here before posting this, But what should i go for?? Can some1 post about their own experience with samsung?
I am extremely confused.

Help me out please :).


Ok without any replies i have just decided to go in for the samsung… as i see nobody has probs with the tray in it, gives decent perf, does good enough quality testing… m content with it… must be better than the dru 810a that i have :D.

Thanks. (for me searching the forum for 3 hours)…


I’ve had my Sony DRU-810A for several years now and it’s still a beast of a drive. One of the Fastest IDE readers I’ve had, gives my SATA Samsungs a run for the money as far as rip times are concerned.
Not the fastest burner though, but respectable. I just gave it to my daughter to put in her new Vista 64 Bit system.

No problems whatsoever with any part of this drive. No tray problems at all… must’ve opened & closed several thousand times at least.

Your drive might just have been a slight of a Dud… unfortunately. Can’t help as far as the tray problem, but can suggest you flash the firmware to try and squeze A Bit more life out of it… I’ve found in my experiences, that reflashing a drive on it’s last leg, slightly prolongs it’s actual death…lol :slight_smile:


thx for the re MBK… i wud hav reflashed it if it weren’t for the tray… even the pin mechanism is failing now due to its constant use…

i must admit it did not give me any write errors (even though the dvds can’t be played on the standalone :()

what do u think of my decision? is going in for samsung s202 better than for LG H55??

btw i had 2 samsung fones 4yrs back and they both went dead almost simultaneously in only 2 yrs of use… and i kind of hate the brand.


The Sammy 202 is pretty fast of a reader also. A member of another forum had one and his gave my SATA sammy’s with the FBFR opatched firmwares all they could handle in read speeds.

the LG would have been the better burner, but the Sammy is a better all around performer…imho:)


erm… what does this mean??

i burnt this disc last night…


does it mean my samsung standalone’s crap?


this is the benchmark test…


If I remember correctly, the Sony would need to be crossflashed to the BenQ 1640 firmware in order to scan properly… it doesn’t report PIFs…

But IMHO, scanning isn’t what you should rate your drives on. It’s subjective at best, and is only telling you the particular drives ability to read the data on a particular disc,

Using top quality media should be of more omportance… media like Taiyo Yudens or Made in Taiwan Verbatims


ya i understand… how to flash this drive then MBK?


Make sure you look at the label on the drive to see and report back what it says before flashing it.


[QUOTE=StarryKnight;2182717]ya i understand… how to flash this drive then MBK?[/QUOTE]

You want to cross-flash with the BenQ firmware or the stock Sony FW??


how can i be so stupid?? but i guess i am…
i did not check my standalone with a pressed dvd for quite some time… i just played matrix revolutions :smiley: on it and the same problem that it gives with the written cds crept up :doh:


will flashing with benq have any advantages?

i normally use that player to play audio cds… guess it slipped my mind :frowning:

@bob yes i will report that before doing anything.


[QUOTE=StarryKnight;2182726]will flashing with benq have any advantages?

i normally use that player to play audio cds… guess it slipped my mind :([/QUOTE]

Only for scanning abliity really… [B][U]this thread[/U][/B] sheds some light…

Just FYI… I did ‘not’ crossflash because the Sony firmware was just tooo good for read speeds, the Q firmware is more for burning and the ability to scan with CDSpeed



with Benq firmware, you will gain a DVD and CD-R scanning drive. Not sure if burn quality is better also.

But be extremely careful what Benq firmware you apply. Sony DRU-810 could be either a DW 1640 or a DW 1650. Wrong firmware will kill your drive finally.



k thx for the info guys… i really need to sleep now… will get back tomoro… i hope u read my post 13 :(…


Well then you have a bum DVD player (stand alone)?


[QUOTE=Bob;2182752]Well then you have a bum DVD player (stand alone)?[/QUOTE]
yup thats right … never had luck with samsung.


Scary. What is up with the prevelance of A.D.D.? People post and inspect instantaneous responses? And during a holiday period when people have more important things to deal with? Just scary.

First of all, the tray on a BenQ DW1640 or DW1650 (and their rebadged equivalents) becoming stuck is one of the more common problems that can plague those drives. The most common issue is the fact that people are impatient, and they keep pushing the button too quickly in succession when the door doesn’t open the first time, thereby causing it to never open. Usually, when it fails to open the first time, if you allow the drive to fully complete it’s first door open attempt, which can take up to 10 seconds, and then only after the drive has stopped completely do you push the button again, it usually opens on the second attempt.

Second, before even thinking about the idea of cross-flashing, why don’t you try upgrading the official Sony firmware on the drive? All people around here do is run around talking about “CROSS-FLASH! CROSS-FLASH! CROSS-FLASH!”, like chickens with their heads cutoff, but cross-flashing is not always the best idea. Some of the rebadged BenQ drives work BETTER with their original firmware.

Third, if you are going to cross-flash, then make damn sure you know EXACTLY which rebadged BenQ drive you actually have. The DRU-810A can be either a DW1640 or DW1650, and the only way to tell the difference is by looking at the label on the drive. If the model number is “DRU-810A-R”, with that extra “-R” on the end, then you have a DW1650. If the model number on the drive label (it doesn’t matter what it says anywhere else) simply says DRU-810A, with no “-R”, then you have a DW1640.

Fourth, Samsung drives are generally SLOW AS MOLASSES as readers and rippers, without lots of hacking and patching of their firmware. I don’t know what sort of delusion one needs to be under to think they are fast. They are NOT. They can be made faster, with the aforementioned patching, but they are not default speed demons. Not even close. Even with the patching, they still don’t have anything on Lite-Ons or BenQs.