Sony DRU-810A Problems

Hi This is my first post so please go easy on me.
My problem…
I have the Sony dru-810a and I use Nero 7 and Discjuggler.
I use Good DVD-R Tiayo Yuden Media (I checked the Codes on the inner ring and it is ggxxxxxx, which I have read is original TY Media)
When I go to burn, It will only burn at 2.4x, 4x, and 8x.
Since when has DVD-R burned at 2.4x? I thought that was a DVD+R speed.

Also, I have created more coasters then anything (Probably on the line of 7 out of 10 coasters) I burn the discs and when i get a coaster, i use Nero’s DVD Quality Check, and there are no bad errors, and the quality says that it’s around 98%. But it won’t run properly. (I have been trying to backup my PS2 collection so my son doesn’t ruin the originals. (I am able to run back-ups on my PS2 with my Swap Magic discs.))

I always burn at the slowest speed possible as that what i have been doing since I started burning DVD’s.

Some movies Don’t load at all, and some run for a little while then get jittery and choppy, and some ps2 backups won’t run at all.

I have the most recent Firmware, as I installed it less than a week ago.
I’m scared to burn anything important like my Son’s Videos in fear of losing them.
Can anyone help me, please?
Oh, my system specs…
Asus a7v880 mobo
Athlon 3000+
1GB 3200 memory (Kingston)
ATI AIW 9800 Pro Video
SB Audigy II Audio
2-300GB Western Digital HD’s
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2

I have had better luck with my old Burner with Junky media. (1 out of 10 were coasters, the rest were good. I only upgraded because I read that with crappy media, the lifespan is low, and i don’t want to lose my Son’s videos because I used junky media)

All drivers except for maybe the video are up to date.

p.s. If you want a screenshot of my quality check, I can. Just let me know… I’ll supply all the information you guys need. I just need to know what to give you.

Thanks Again

Right. This is how Benq drives burn -R media, 2.4x instead of 2x.
Your coaster problem is more PS2 or copying protected disks problem. Are you sure your PS2 drive reads DVD-R at all ?

I use Either DVD Decryptor or DVD Shrink for my Movies and I use DVD Decryptor , discjuggler or Nero for my PS2 games. I have had success with my old DVD burner (It was a pioneer A05 with Princo DVD’s)
So far not much success with my new setup…
Is there anyway for me to set the burner to write at 1x?
The TY media I have is rated at 8x.
thanks for the quick reply…

I did another test with Nero, and I got a Invalid Field in CDB(052400)
What does that mean?
I have never seen that before…
I am running my Burner with DMA on…

Could you go ahead and post the DVD Quality Scan of the initial disc? It might help in this situation. Also, Nero 7 is said to not be so hot; can you use Nero CD-DVD Speed or another burning program to do a test and see if you get an error with it? [To use DVD Speed, just click Run Test>>Create Data Disc (if you click on “Start” with a DVD-R disc, it will give you an error).]

/kinda off-topic/
What drive do you use to scan the discs with, BTW? The 810A itself running just about anything other than a BenQ released firmware will scan slowly and not “accurately” report PIF errors (only BenQ firmwares really officially support scanning), so don’t count it 100% reliable. If you must use the drive to scan, flash it over to a BenQ firmware for the DW1640, preferably BSLB (this is the firmware that people seem to like to stick with).