Sony DRU-810A problem with Verbatim DVD+R DL

Dammitt, istill can not get clean burns on this damn Sony DRU-010A at 8x on this verbatim media. now in my sony dru-810A I get write speeds of 8x, 4x, 2,4x where the helll is 6x. i’d like 2 know how i can addd 6x to this media and was onr of the questions i had 4 omnipatcher how the hell do i get the dru-810a firmware into a format that omnipatcher can load it. or doi have 2 use a differnt util. And my lite-on shw-160p6S the same thing no 6x, i’d like 2 b able to chang some of the media in hat firmware to allow burning at 12x instead of 8x. again i ru into the same problem how ro get the firmware i think its f08 into a mode where omniptcher can understand it. can anyone help me here please?

RTShaw, I moved your post from the review thread to here to get more attention. :wink:

The drive and firmware controls the writing speed so if there’s no 6x writing strategy available then there’s no way you can select it. Additionally, we cannot patch the Sony DRU-810A firmware with MCSE.

Can ;t he just crossflash to benq1640? since the 810a is a 1640?>

i could probably do that but i’d like 2 get this thing running per the review -which this drive is suppose to do.
very strange.