SONY DRU-810A prob

Hi i recently bought a sony DRU-810A and it was working just fine the thing is that i have two burners a TDK cd burner and the DRU-810A installed on the same PC the TDK as master and the DRU-810A as slave both in the primary ide conector (hard disk on SATA). Anyway both of them worked fine for at least two weeks, now none of them read cds or dvds, none of them work.

Some people tell me that it happened cause i had both burners on the same PC, they tell me that they got mixed???, i’m not sure about that, i also updated their firmware.

Any suggestions?

thanx in advance

Uninstall the IDE-channel in question in Device Manager and reboot (link) . May solve your problem, otherwise you’ll have do dig into your case and at least make the Sony master / TDK slave, or better still put them on seperate IDE-channels (like Sony primary master / TDK secondary master - just add another IDE cable and check your jumpers).

Thanx, but i tried everything you just said and it still wont work. I even tried connecting just one of them, the Sony burner as master, it appears on the bios setup but it won’t even open, eventhough the led is flashing (it flashes twice)

Thanx anyway i’m gonna keep trying cause i don’t wanna buy a new one.

Thank you very much

If the tray does not open, disconnect the ide cable and try again to open the tray.