Sony DRU-810a only burning DVD+R DL at 1.63x

So now after burning about 5 dvds perfectly on the fly (each taking me about an hour and 10 mins) I was trying to see how fast other people were burning at with DL media. In my search it seems as though most people can get the 8x that the burner says it can burn at. So i guess my question is why cant i get the same results. Im going from a sony DDU 1615 FYS2 to my sony DRU-810a with the newest 1.0d firmware, and using clonecd/anydvd. I tested the times using nero CD-DVD speed. Any help would be dandy…

8x OTF DL copying? No way.

ok i agree with that, however when i tried to first read the image to my hard drive (done at around 11x) then burn it to the DRU-810A it still only got up to 1.83x…

What tool have you used for burning?

Check for enabled DMA and installed ASPI.

I have been burning with clone cd and nero both of which burn at the same speed, nothing over 2x. And i just did a check and its set to use DMA if available but then i used nero to find that it is turned off? I cant seem to find out how to turn it on though. Help please? Thanks

Make sure DMA is turned on in your BIOS. If it is, then using Device Manger, delete the IDE channel driver that the drive is connected to (usually the Secondary IDE Channel) and then reboot. :wink:

well i owe you a thanks codeking…DMA was indeed turned on in my BIOS however since you lead me in that direction i noticed that my bios wasnt set to recognize my drive on the secondary IDE. Once i turned it to auto in the BIOS and then rebooted DMA was turned on. I never thought to check my BIOS since windows XP recognized my drive and all the correct drivers were there. Thanks !