SONY DRU-810A DVD or Benq 1620 pro ?! help me choose plz

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I have a Benq DW 1620 pro DVD burner , and SINCE am having some issues with it , most probably i might change it , am comparing both drives Benq vs Sony , apparently both seem to have the same specifications ( though am not an expert ,so excuse me if am wrong ) .

Am i right ? or there is something am missing ? plz tell me which one u think is better.

Thanks for ur time

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Take a look here

Thanks zebadee for ur response , i already took a look at the review b4 posting , but am not an expert with all the tech issues , so i wondered if someone could give me the final conclusion. :slight_smile:


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The 1620 that you have has been a favorite for many. The 1640 carries on from that. The Sony 810, just like Plextor’s 740 are in essence the same as the 1640. Firmware being the main difference. Both the 810 & 740 have maybe edged the 1640 with original firmware. However BenQ has released several updates taking it to the front of the pack. With the facilities that QSuite gives you making it almost a no contest as to which is the one. Because of similarities both 810 & 740 can be cross flashed to 1640. Whetther price or the looks help you decide, all three will give you an excellent drive.

Hi zebadee :slight_smile:

Thanks for the valuable and simple information.
Aside from techs , what about reliability ? History with users ? media compatibility ? in other words “reputation” ?


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Some will buy either Plextor’s 740 or the Sony 810 on grounds of reputation,build, etc. However in my experience in the UK, after an early batch that proved troublesome. I believe that BenQ’s 1640 is the one that provides best value for money. As you can see by my sig, I’m biased. I can only see cosmetic reasons for going for either the Plextor or Sony + a surplus of cash.

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yeah ur right , i see only cosmetic reasons with the 810 A -nice black interface :slight_smile:
Thanks again