Sony DRU-810A drive problem

Ok… please be nice since this is my 1st post here. I am having issues with the above drive. I have a PC this drive is not working properly in, so I reformatted the HD & reinstalled WinXP & all my other software. I also updated the firmware on the 810A. The drive is the master and I have a 2nd Sony drive as a slave. If I put in my Norton Ghost cd in the 810A to install the program I get an error saying that the Launcher failed. I assume this is referring to the auto launcher to get the disc to run automatically. I have also tried another CD that has my WinPVR software for my TV tuner and that disc does the same thing. I have DVDFab Decrypter installed and when I put in DVD’s it says that the entire DVD couldn’t be read and that I should copy only the main movie. I have tried to backup a PS2 game and I get read errors all the time. Now if I put any of these discs in the other DVD drive and try to do the same thing it works fine. I assume that the 810A is having problems reading the discs… So what could be wrong? Is my drive going bad? I noticed it started doing this within the last 3 to 4 weeks. This drive is just over 1 year old…

When i have a problem like this i take the drive to a friends house even though it is a different set up and see if it works in his. So try the drive in another pc if you can. If it does NOT work in another pc you can probably say it’s dying or dead.

You might also check to see if DMA is on on your drive in your pc. Go to Device Manger and check the IDE channel the drive is on Properties then Advanced Settings.