Sony DRU-810A, a rebadged DW1640?

It looks like Sony has decided to rebadge BenQ’s DW1640 instead of Lite-On’s SHW-1635S for its DRU-810A drive. Checkout these pictures:

They’re from Sony’s own website here.

Interesting… :smiley:
Curious why Sony doesn’t seem to implement “BenQ’s” AFCS . The ventholes at sides (ADCS) are on place though.

Adding pic of BenQ 1640 (OEM) for comparison. :slight_smile:

Probably Photoshopped. Same thing with Plextor’s product pictures of PX-740A:

They might actually have the AFCS pinto2, when I saw the promo pictures of Plextors 740A it also did not have the AFCS but when I actually got the drive its casing did have the AFCS.

Edit:jsl beat me to it :slight_smile:

Thanks jsl and 8T8 for the clarification about AFCS. :bow:

Wonder why Sony didn’t “Photoshop” ADCS ventholes at same time. :wink:

Real boring :doh:

Another OEM of 1640

Well atleast Sony will be selling something decent for a change. :wink:

A little off topic but is there a list of what dw1640 drives are rebadged? Or does anyone know which ones are?

I know the plextor px 740a is one and I guess this sony is another but are there others?

I think they are the only known two at the moment but no doubt there will be more down the line.

  • Philips 1628 (OEM) /1648 (BOX)


I’ve got gift certificates to two stores and I’m waiting for either place to carry the 1640 or some variant.

So being that Plextor has a BenQ DD DW1640 rebadge, does that mean Plextools will be available for the PX-740A hence compatible with the DW1640?..

No the functionally with Plextools is very limited (when using the Plex 740A firmware) though I confess I could not test the latest version as the update from Plextors website kept generating an error message every time I tried to run it.

Actually over at CDR Labs they are reporting on the Sony (BenQ) drives and they show an external drive called the DRX-810UL whose firmware could be handy for those who want to stick a 1640 in an external enclosure if BenQ never release such a drive themselves (of course though exclusive BenQ firmware features could be lost).

I believe Sony DRU-810A is already available in Asia. (?)


I have successfully cross flash a Sony DRU-810a to BenQ 1640 :bigsmile:

this is the box :smiley: (taken from my SonyEricsson P800, sorry for the blurry pic)

and yes, the AFCS is there…

so it can be done, think i’ll wait till a firmware comes out that can be ran through MCSE, before i alter mine

The latest version of MCSE support BSLB

yes but its not the Sony firmware, and there isn’t away to dump the firmware of the benq drives/sony

does the sony firmware support bitsetting?

yes it does, the only difference with the sony is that it does not work fully with QSuite, you cannot enable overburn or WOPC