Sony Dru 810 - a Firware flash help!

i have a Sony dru 810 a drive with firmware version 1.0a

there is a firmware update available 1.0d

im on win XP sp2

what r the precautions i need to take to flash the drive successfully :confused: (i know that there should be no disk in the drive :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hi :slight_smile:
Go here. Download f/w, flash drive in safe mode.

thanx a lot dude also how to flash it to a benq drive is it recommeded

I’d recommend making it a BenQ so you can get full use of great things like SolidBurn… Grab an official BenQ upgrade exe (like BSOB.exe), grab BQFlasher from the BenQ section of the forum, point BQFlasher to the exe, and voila! It’s a BenQ.

also be warned that cross flashing you drive to a benq will automatically void its warranty.

i suggest you read some of the sticky threads in the firmware forum and do a search on flashing before proceeding.

cant i cross flash it back to a sony ?

You can crossflash it back to a Sony, yes, so if you ever need warranty service, no one will be the wiser.