Sony Dru-800ul vs Sony Dru-800ul/t on a Mac?



I have one of the new intel macbook pro notebooks on the way and i was interested in the Sony Dru-800ul as a external firewire burner as its gotten some goon reviews from users on here and can burn at 16x thru firewire.

But, only the Dru-800ul/t is said to be supported by macs. The 800ul doesnt say it works with macs. Even on Sonys website, they have both listed as seperate drives even though they look identical, with only the 800ul/t according to them and other sites having mac support.

Now, what i think is that they are the same drive, but the 800ul/t comes with Toast 7, which is mac compatible software for burning, while the 800ul only has nero. Is my assumption correct? The 800ul/t cost like $150-$170 when i can get the 800ul for $99. I dont need the software, so im thinking i can go ahead and get the 800ul.