Sony DRU-800A Wont read cds

Here a lil info about my pc i have a ASUS KA7V333 AMD Athlon Processor 1666 mhz 512 ram 160 gig hd and an 40 gig

Anyways My Dvd burner only reads DVDs when i put a music cd in it trys but doesnt end up doing anything? iv already tryed installed the latest firmwire software and messing around with the DMA nothing seem to work any one got any ideas?

No ideas??:frowning:

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Boot the DRU 800 with a windows cd, instead of the harddisc.

If you can boot into windows install, your drive are fine.

If your can’t boot your drive laser are bad.

damn it doesnt boot from disk should i get ahold of sony and try to get a replacement?

Did you set the computer to boot from CD before HDD in the BIOS?

yes i set it too boo from disk

Yes, then the CD laser part is probably bad.

:frowning: my mom got it for me she had a rebate for it wounder if i can still get a replacement?