Sony DRU-800a w/ KY04 firmware tested media results?



Hey all, new to the forums here…

Its about time I buy a dvd writer instead of taking the hd over to a friend’s place to burn a few dvdrs…

I’ve been reading a bunch of reviews on various dvd writer models in both CDFreaks reviews as well as CDRInfo (roughly ~10 to 21 pages respectively per site per drive model): BenQ DW1649, LG 4136B, LG 4156B, Pioneer 109, Pioneer 110D, Sony DRU-800a (with KY01 firmware @ cdrinfo)

Doing a search here on KY04, brings up a few threads. My question is, how good is the new firmware for this drive? Anyone have any results with various media used / tested ?

More specifically, I picked up 2 x 50 packs of TDK “print on” 8x Dvd-r spindles from costco when they recently had the “buy one get one free” coupons a month ago. I’m wondering what pie / pif & quality score results can i be expecting with this combination of firmware & brand media?

I’ve yet to buy a drive. I’d have to order the sony unit online, vs being able to pickup a LG4136B locally. I currently have an LG-8160B cdrw unit, am happy with it, though i’ve a preferance towards sony appliances and was curious about this drive.

I don’t forsee me using any DL media right now, but figured might as well get something that supports both +/- DL formats.

So, can we get some pif / pie results from this drive & firmware combo?



you can use the 1693s KS0A firmware with this drive. it’s newer than KY04 and surely the best firmware/drive liteon made.


Ahh, k, been further browsing around… didnt realize one could use firmware across units. from the thread, post #4 -> hmm, wonder if thats the same tdk’s i’ve got…

Dunno how i missed this thread: Post your LiteOn 1639 and Sony 800a scans here ->

hmm, will have to see if/what there is for tdk and ky04 results there (if any)

does this happen to every newbie around here? :stuck_out_tongue:


dvd+r media usually works better with liteon drives. the brand is not that important as the media id. good mids for lo drives are yuden t02/03, ricohjpn r01/02/03 and mcc002/003.