Sony DRU-800A specifications available - with DVD-R DL support

I just posted the article Sony DRU-800A specifications available - with DVD-R DL support.

has posted the specifications of the Sony DRU-800A on their website.
This drive will support the following read and write speeds:
DRU-800A write:

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No DVD-RAM support, no LightScribe support and only 24x CD-RW … this won’t be my new drive.

my 32x CD-RW’s are useless here :o “yawn”…

While the CDr speeds aren’t impressive, I’d like to point out they can probably be increased with future firmware updates… as past drives have proven to do so. I’m sure Sony has a very high bar on burinng quality and any higher speeds didn’t meet Sony’s level of quality. Hopefully they will figure these things out later in the firmware. Funny, I’ve never had to defend Sony before (they’re not usually worth defending).

The difference between 24x and 32x is minimal really. I hardly even use cd-rw anymore and there aren’t that many 32x discs available. I hope they improved the burning quality on dvd compared to their last couple of models!