Sony DRU-800A....released in Taiwan

Here can buy the sony-800A [HERE]

not really an interesting drive since it doesnt support Scribelite… Will Liteon release a drive that supports it?

it’s called “LightScribe” :wink:

the HP 640i is made by liteon AND benq. if the front panel looks like liteon one, the drive’s made by liteon…

i’m waiting for the firmware to be dumped!

Is it?

Don’t you think it takes to long to LightScribe a disc?

chok0: go for

DRU-800A is already available here in stocks in Poland, unfortunately i don’t have access to get one for f/w dump

available in the uk now too, priced 65 uk pounds full retail box

not the lightscribe firmware…

the DRU800A one!

is the dru800a lightscribe enabled??? should i wait for the next version of lightscribe?? I heard its gonna be faster than this version …

the dru800a can NOT lightscribe.

dang it … nevermind … :slight_smile:

when is lightscribe goin color??

probably never :wink: at least not, in the technology used right now

should have mine tomorrow for a f/w dump, code can you unscramble etc so can play around with omnipatcher. send you it

dumped firmware is always unscrambled, as it’s a raw .bin file…
and the 1693s KS04 is already released.

ok thanks Chok0