Sony DRU-800A rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1693S issues

I have the Sony DRU-800A aka LiteOn SOHW-1693S and i’am having issues with somethings like nero 6xxx telling me that any rw media + or - (that worked with it before!) is saying that the media isn’t rewritable when i know it is, i used it before but it wont quick or full erase any of the rw dvd or cd - or + media some stuff is burned once others i used a couple a times before, but the odd this is i tried another burn app deepburner and it work erase this now, but now it not doing anymore when it worked last month! but i was right now just able to erase the media in dvd decryptor and it worked fine, i even did a clean uninstall of nero the reinstalled it didnt help, also i cant import my sessions anymore from multi session burns, with nero but can with deepburner, i flashed the drives to with the right firmware hopefully is was on the codeguys site which the list of what was used is below, i just was my drive back to normal, the media isnt a issue they work in my other drives (burning to) so can i fix this easy or do i trash it and buy a new one, b/c i cant wait for rma with is probaly over now anyway, ok thanks please help me, my fw list is below


LiteOn SOHW-1693S (Looking for 1673S@1693S?)
• KS02/KS04 - stock (old)
• KS09/KS0A - stock (old)
• KS0B - stock*
• KS0B - patched - crossflashing (for 1673S, etc.)
• KS0B - patched - crossflashing - fast burn FBD/FBDX (for 1673S, etc.)
• KC4B - patched - improved +/-R burn quality (for 1673S, 1693S, Sony 800A*
Sony DRU-800A (rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1693S)
• KY01/KY03/KY04/KY05 - stock (old)
• KY06 - stock*

Try booting from a bootable CD (like your Windows installation CD) and a bootable DVD (Vista or Linux) or test the drive in another PC. If that still works, there’s a software problem on your system. If not, you’ll need a new drive.

I put it in another pc and it works fine!, could this be a power supply issue in anyway?

can i please get a answer, thanks

Could be a software issue (just a guess here).

If you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed, try uninstalling them temporarily, til this problem is fixed (one at a time in case one of them is the culprit, you’ll know which one).

Agreed with [B]Arachne[/B] :iagree: . If it were your PSU, you’d probably be seeing other symptoms as well.

Well the reason i mentioned the power supply is because after i took out ht drive from the pc to try it in another pc, now the pc that had that drive in it that didnt work, now doesnt power back on after (while i was clean the pc since it was opened, during my clean (was not near the psu) i did hear a low click…) but yes now the pc doesnt even turn back on, i even tested it with my power supply tester and that light didnt come on to say it was ok…so could it be the power supply, or was it just a fluke at the same time? i had no other pc issues, just the dvd drive

UPDATE ! Adding the new power supply did not fix the issue, i guess it’s the cable? Ill try another one, but i would like still some replys on this.

try swaping the cables, if that dont work, try updating your mother board firmware, if that doesnt work make sure you have the right IDE drivers installed especially if you are running a via, sis, or nforce chipset. I would personally not use the chipset’s IDE drivers and just stick with the default windows drivers. if all that fails, i would just do a clean install of windows.

so reinstall windows? it still could be the dvd drive?, btw the label on top of the drive is neither Sony DRU-800A rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1693S, its a sony but it dw-xxxx, i forget the rest.

in an earlier post you said you pust the DVD drive in another computer and the drive worked fine, if you didnt that then its not the drive, its something with your computer. most likeley one of the causes i mentioned in my previous post.

Well, another cable didnt help, bios is up to date, and the ide drivers, i think are the default ones, the “driver provider” says microsoft in the device manager driver tab on it, and the chipset is intel. btw why does the drive have three deferent models to it, like i asked before in my previous post, that i didnt get a answer to. i understand rebadged but the label on top on the drive is a totally different model then what its supposed to be. Btw the buring in the other pc i put in , did work but it did work 1min slower…I dont know if i should just get another drive or pc all together, but i reallt want to wait to a quad core cpu, (not the extreme one. )

1 min slower coulda been a variaty of factors, prolly the overall computer performance of the other computer, if the drive worked in the other computer then the drive is fine. I would just do a clean install of windows and im pretty sure everything should be fine. Did you reset your bios to factory defaults, maybe you accidently changed something in there? Make sure your drive is NOT on CABLE SELECT as sometimes cableselect causes problems. And finally…whatever the sticker on the top of the drive says is prolly what the drive is.

NOTE: this is just for “TESTING” purposes, but If you have another device on the same IDE cable as the drive then try seeing if the drive works just with the single drive on it instead of having 2 devices on one cable… even though it shouldnt matter, you never know as ive seen weird things when certain drives are on the same cable.

the dvd burner is on the master and there is now other device on that cable, checked the bios over its fine, and its on master, not cable select. btw it’s a sony dw-d26a. But i remember being able not to find it on the net.

definatly just clean install windows, its most likeley a software issue, especially if it works on another computer just fine.

Yeah, i guess i’ll do that, it’s do for a cleaning anyway. :Z

let us know what happened