Sony DRU 800A problem



hi, i am able to write to +R and -R very easily and the writing to the discs are 100% successful and they are reading without any problem. my problem is when i use nero CD-DVD to check the disc quality of how it wrote and are there any PIE and PIF errors then it is working only for -R and when i put +R it gives me this messages (THIS DRIVE COULD NOT SUPPORT THIS FUNCTION).
can anyone tell me whether my drive supports this function or not and is my writer having any problem. The firmware is KY03, my DVD writer is sony DRU 800A.

start>programs>Nero>NeroToolkit>Nero CD-DVD Speed>disc quality


What version of CD-DVD speed do you use?

Maybe to use latest version (4.0.1) can solve the problem

Try also to read this post


i am using 4.0.1



Sony should be a rebadged liteon, so cd-dvd speed should work with your burner.

Try to use a pressed disc; maybe it is a bad burn


Sony is a rebadged liteon yes, i have the 800 and have no problems in running it through nero cd-dvd speed, as suggested it could be a bad burn causing this


all my +R are dvd’s are giving the same message, i even tried sony +R and philips +R and the message is same.


im not sure it will help but its still worth a shot,crossflash your dru-800a to what it really is a liteon 1693s heres a patched 1693s firmware


Remember that crossflashing will void warranty, so be careful and do a backup of firmware and read istructions


in kprobe 2.4.3 it is working for both +R and -R dvd’s


i guess that means cd-dvd speed just doesnt support +r for your drive but it might if youll crossflash it,then again you can just use kprobe only for +r your choice


ok my buddy has a sony dru 800a he just got it…Now i dl the liteon firmware above but…
I dont have his drive here…So does he just have to run that exe and it will flash his drive or does he need to dl it ni cvt form…Could anyone help…Also is thier a tool to make the sony drive as good as the liteon without crossflashing…Really just need the better readspeed from ominepatcher because both the 800a and the 1693 are the same drive and specs…I just want him to get the best out of his money…So if anyone cares to lend a hand I could really use the newest sony dru 800a firmware in cvt format (to go back to if anything happens and he has to return it) and the newest ominepatched firmware for the lite on…crossflashing my benq was easy but i had qflasher…not htis time thanks