Sony DRU-800A problem w/ DVD+RW

Just got this writer with Memorex 4x DVD+RW. Try to back up some data from HD using Nero express. Seems like the procedure is finished and the disc was ejected. Then the PC asked if I want to write the data into the CD but there is no media in the drive!?!?

Reinsert the DVD+RW and it was blank.

During the whole Nero express process, every looks ok. Any clue what my problem is?

Many thanks!!

If a media is burnt ot, then it were burnt. The only exception is when you have selected simulation mode…

But I suggest to buy better Rw media, Memorex is crap.

Wasn’t in simulation mode. Any brand recommended which is goo for Sony writer? Or the best is to get Sony disc?

Stick with Verbatim RW’s (their 6X DVD-RW is probably the best). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!