Sony DRU-800A KY01 F/W



Managed to dump the firmware, and goes through op ok, patches and saves, but the problem is that i cannot get it to flash, using ltnflash it goes to 100% and stops responding


try it with LtnFW:


nope that doesn’t work either


liteon 1693s “KS04” should be newer:


yes looking at them that is newer than the sony, but would like to keep the sony 800 id, code is there anychance you can release that


the rar file contains two firmwares one with liteon id and on with sony id


yes but is that not for the 720


good point
I don’t know


PumaUK, can you please send me the Sony 800A bin file and then I can add the 800A version to the packed file. TIA.


Can i send u Bin file … can u chande ID for “666x Burner NecroSoft XP Pr0”? :stuck_out_tongue:
ohh pls pls :smiley:


code has been emailed to you


Thanks PumaUK. I’ve done the patch but unfortunately I can’t upload to my site at the moment for some strange reason, and it’s late here. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.


Okay, if you download the KS04 - patched file now, there’s a Sony 720A and 800A version in the packed file. :slight_smile:


many thanks code


Sony 800A KY01 Released

I’ve just posted on my site, an unscrambled version of KY01 that will work with OmniPatcher.

Note: This firmware is for 1673S, 1693S, 720A & 800A drives or OEM drives based on these models, only. The crossflash patch is required for 1673S and 720A models.


Thanks CokeKing :bow: :bow: :bow: . I am going to do some testing with 1673S@KY01 and post results


the firmware isn’t all that good, on par with sony 720a, and erm i think you have the wrong forum for COKEking, lol


Where’s the result? :wink:


1673S@800A. Firmware upgraded fine (Cross-flashed, of course!)


Here’s a RICOHJPNW11