Sony DRU 800A Help

hi can anyone tell me how my sony DRU 800A has written the DVD -R ,i am new to this dvd stuff. i have used the nero CD-DVD for checking the disc quality , but i couldn’t understand anything. plz help me.
my firmware was KY04 i have used nero for writing this dvd.

And another thing when i start my computer , the dvd writer’s green light glows and make’s a small sound. is it normal or any faulty. i know that the green light glows but i am doubt about the sound. becuase my friends LG dvd writer only light glows it doesn’t make any sound.

That burn is very good, especially the PIFs - also as you can see the quality score out of 100 is 95, that’s excellent. PIE < 280 and PIF <= 4 is a good burn.

FYI, check out this thread: :wink:

Be happy, the drive is performing well, its not unusual for the drive to make a slight noise on starting the pc