Sony DRU-800A Firmware (which is best)?

I just got a free sony dru-800a dvd burner yeterday. I have read that it is the exact same drive as a Lite-on SOHW 1693S. I have seen many firmware upgrades for both drives. Currently Sony offers the KY05 firmware as being the latest. And Lite-on is KS0A (according to their website) even though I have seen KS0B firmware for this drive. I am wondering which will be the best firmware for my new drive, the Sony Firmware KY05 or the Lite-On Firmware KS0B?? I have also seen,, firmware listed as KC4B - patched - improved +/- burn quality (for 1673S, 1693S, Sony 800A, etc.). Is this firmware better than all of the others? and will it mess up my drive to flash directly with this firmware release??? I quess it will not because it is already patched firmware I just want to make sure. I have already downloaded the lastest version of OmniPatcher, xFlash Utility, & EEProm Utility for making backups of my current EEprom settings and firmware.

I really don’t have to many problems with media as I always use Taiyo Yuden T03 Media. I just want my burner to burn to this media with the best quailty possible.

I converted my old Sony DW-D22A to a Lite-On SOHW 1633S (BS41 firmware) but it has been a while back. I have now noticed “crossflashing” and I don’t remember having to do that with my D22A. I just want to make sure I don’t mess up my drive.

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I have a Lite-On SOHW 1693S. I was using codeguys’ KC4B firmware witch was very good. I have very good burns with CMC media with it.

Sony released KY06 firmware for DRU800 around one month ago. Since 1693S and DRU800 are the same drive, I uploaded KY06 firmware into my Lite-On SOHW 1693S.

Now my machine detects my drive as a DRU800. This firmware is almost as good as codeguys’ KC4B with CMC media. But I think Sony is a bit better with Maxell –R media at 8x.

I will try it for a few days to decide what firmware to keep using.

If you still have the DRU800A you will do OK with any of these firmwares, but you will have to do your own testing in order to decide the best firmware for your media.

Thanks for the reply I just ran across my old post and found your reply. I am going to try the new KY06 because my buffer tends to bomb out about 50% of the way through when using TYG03 Media. I still get a 95-97 Quality Score when testing at 4x with Nero Drive Speed but the buffer has not always acted like that.

I will let you know if I like it better and I will also try the Lite-On firmware.


After lots of burns I removed Sony firmware and went back to codeguys’ KC4B firmware.

In average this has been the best firmware so far.

Get it from here: