Sony DRU-720A: Setting booktype?



Recently purchased Sony DRU-720A.
Burning with Nero 6 software that came with it, mainly Recode 2.
DVD+r media.

I’m looking for how to booktype the DVD+r media to DVD-Rom to increase stand alone compatibility.

From what I have read, the Sony DRU-720A is the same as Lite-On 1673S? And to change the booktype I need to run Omnipatcher?

Am I off base, or is this correct? :confused:



load the firmware into omnipatcher (sony 720) and enable auto-bitsetting.
if you flash your drive with the liteon 1673s JS02 firmware, you can then set the booktype with the official liteon booktype utility.


C0deKing was a very nice guy and did up a Sony versioned of JS02.

This allowed me to use the liteOn Booktype utility and still have a Sony drive id.
This then allowed the Sony software to work correctly with the drive.

All I can say is C0deKing is the man. :stuck_out_tongue:


you should ask C0deKing for a copy.


Thanks for the info guys.

I already updated my firmware from the Sony support site awhile ago. It is version JY02 . Do I still need to flash with COdeKings JS02 ?



you MUST load the firmware into omnipatcher and enable auto-bitsetting before flashing.


I found that omnipatcher and enable auto-bitsetting did not work with the sony
firmware version JY02. :frowning:

That is why C0deKing was a very nice guy and did up a Sony versioned of JS02 :slight_smile:

Omnipatcher does not work completely with the latest drives. :confused:



yes, omnipatcher was not updated long time. but auto-bitsetting, crossflash and read-speed patch are available for all firmwares.


I use DVDInfoPro to set the booktype of +R to DVD-ROM on my Sony DRU-720A. I set it just before burning each new DVD. The Lite-ON booktype utility also changes the booktype for me. It does’t keep the bitsettings after the unit is powered off. I have set Nero to automatically set the booktype to DVD-ROM also. All these ways have worked with the latest firmware and the original firmware that came with the drive.

I haven’t tried Omnipatcher but I will get around to it, after doing some more research. This seems the best route to get the firmware to change the bitsetting automatically.


So I downloaded COdeKings JS02
Loaded that into omnipatcher
Checked the box to allow auto bitsetting
Saved from omnipatcher as an .exe
ran that .exe to flash my drive
Used the liteon utility to switch from +R to -ROM
Burned a backup with Nero Recode 2
Copy is still showing as +R

What did I do wrong?



You did nothing wrong.
the sony drives disables Booktype. ( Aust delivered )
This is what I have found after several drives sold and tested.

use this firmware.

and use the liteOn Booktype utility.

and it will work.

Sorry C0deKing I prefer people ask you for the firmware.



Looks like that worked! :bigsmile:

Thanks for all the help Apples. :bow: