Sony DRU-720A problem, please HELP!

I bought this dvdrw drive couple days ago and try to install it today, and it doesn’t work. My computer using AMD Athlon XP, 2.16GHz, 512 MB of ram, window xp pro. Writing software is Nero.

The problem is that, the drive won’t read any cd or dvd. It’s detected on the [my computer] thought, but when i put cd in it, it did not read at all. The device manager also said that it’s working properly.

I don’t know if it’s because of defect part or not, I’ve look at the Microsoft website, and look at the Hardware Compatability List, and this drive wasn’t on the list.

I’m so frustrated because I paid extra money for the drive, just to get Sony because of brand name reputation, but it seem that I’m wasting my money. :a :a

Can anyone please help

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