Sony DRU-720A issue burning DL's

Hello all,

I am having problems burning dual layer DVD’s. First I was thinking that it could be something internally wrong with my DVD player.

Based on the fact that I can burn to regular DVDs without any problems would lead me to believe that it is more of an issue with the dual layer discs themselves not my drive. FYI, I am “trying” to use Sony brand DVD+R DL.

Could someone please clarify with me that I am on the right track here before I start opening up my system and wasting time taking a look at all the connections and cables

Thanks in advance.


this drive is rather old and hit the market when DVD+R DL was young. I would not expect this drive to support something else than 2.4x rated Verbatim DL media with acceptable quality.


Is there a newer drive that you would recommend that is more stable? I’m not looking to spend anything over $100.


A new DVD writer is available for much less than 40 USD, but I don’t know which one does best with your Sony blanks. You might therefore have a look into the (lengthy) “Scans and Discussions” threads in our manufacturer separated DVD writer subforums.