Sony DRU-710A?

I was wondering does anyone else have one of these drives?

And are you having any problems reading dvds?


im very happy with my dru-710a flased to byx3 with c0deking’s led fix fw … :smiley:

dru-710a stock byx3, been very contented…

i’ve flashed mine to 1653S CS0M. works great!

i hade the oem of this drive the DW-D22A it now will not read or right to cdr`s

but dvd`s are fine the drive was 4 months old

so not good for me

btw where do you send a sont oem to and what site does sony suport them on ??

as ever sc00terx

I have only had My DRU-710A for 4 monthes now and mine has now stopped working. I am using BXY2 drivers. A week ago I tried to update mine to BXY3 drivers and I had problems decrypting a DVD movie so I downgraded my drivers back to BXY2’s. Then I tried to burn some CD-R’s after that 5 days later. While I was burning my 3rd disc with Nero 6 Ultra Edition it got stuck for the 4th time at the end of finalizing the disc. It said the drive was LEAD OUT and nero never finished burning. After I terminated nero in task manager, I couldnt open the drive to remove the disc. In the past I restart my cpu to get my disc out but this time I was Downloading a big file from a friend so I didnt restart right away. Well the next day after I was done downloading, I finally restarted my cpu to get my burned disc out to check if nero finished it. Well for the 4th and final time the disc was finished but this time my drive seems to be also. My DRU-710A now makes a funny different sound than usual and doesnt recognize any CD’s or DVD’s, blanks or software install’s. I called Sony to try to get it fixed and they are giving me the run around telling me that it is a software SYSTEM issue not my drive. OK what ever, im thinking about getting a NEC or a pioneer now.