Sony DRU-710A



Hi guys i was thinking to get this driver, is on sale at Best Buy for $99.00Can after rebate, i would like to know if is a good drive and if any one here have it please tell me how perform

thanks in advance


It’s a Liteon 1633… Check out the Liteon thread…


Bought mine at Best Buy just a few days ago and found it really easy to install in My Dell 8200. Really seems like a great deal (already sent in for $30 rebate). Best Buy had Sony +R in bulk on sale so I ended up buying 200 to use for my movie collection. Am also using CloneDVD software.

At first I was starting my own coaster collection (at least a dozen) untill I finally figured out to set the write speed to 8X instead of MAX. Now the drive works great, normal writes are running only 6 minutes for complete disk. Am very pleased with overall performance of this drive.