Sony DRU-710A won't recognize blank media


I’ve been using a DRU-710A (Lite-On 1633s), currently with firmware rev. BYX4 for nearly 8 months with no problems. It has performed flawlessly until yesterday, when it would not recognize a DVD+R disc. I’ve been using Verbatim DVD+R 8x discs for a while now with no problems. Nero tool kit shows that this drive recognizes CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD±RW, DVD movies, Audio CD’s, but not the DVD+R blank media I’m using. I’ve tried everything I can think of to correct the problem. I’ve removed the drive, both physically and through device mngr. with no success. I’ve removed the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and rebooted the machine with no success. I considered reflashing the drive to an earlier firmware rev., the reflashing back to the current rev., but was afraid of permantly disabling the drive. Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a way to correct it?

What does a tool like DVDDecrypter report for the disc?
Is it really not recognized by the drive, eg. it would spit it out?

I don’t have Decrypter, chef.

When you insert a disc, the drive spins for an abnormally long time (green light on solid the entire time) and finally it starts to make a timed growling sound (similar to the sound old hard drives use to make while seeking), then it stops and the light goes out. I have noticed that if I leave the disc in the drive, that the green light and the PC’s drive light will blink 3 times for several cycles (like an error code). All other media except DVD±R’s are recognized almost immediately. DVD movies start to play, audio CD’s start to play, etc.

It was a hint with DVDD, maybe you could try it.

A chance would be to clean the lens of the drive.

Is the problematic media recognized in other drives without problems?

I checked my “download” folder and Decrypter is there. I never installed it. I’ll install it soon. As for lens cleaning, I found out early on that I couldn’t use my 510A burner non-stop without seriously affecting the finished product. I use two drives, one to read (Sony CRX300E), and now the 710A to write. I started noticing that the finished product was pixelating, freeze-framing, etc., so I started to slow down a bit, thinking that heat was the problem, but I learned that by cleaning the lens on both drives religiously every 10 discs, the problems went away. One of the first things I do before every session is run the lens clean disc. As for other drives. I still have my 510A, and when the problem with the 710 couldn’t be immediately fixed, I swapped drives. The 510 reads the discs just fine. I’ve been buying discs in spindles of 100. The problem popped up in the middle of a spindle, so I don’t think lot numbers are a factor here.

I installed DVD Decrypter. When I insert the blank DVD+R, it says “Device Not Ready (Medium not present)”. When I inserted a DVD+RW it reported that the disc was emty. When I inserted a CD-R and CD-RW it reported that the discs were not DVD.

I’m having this exact same problem! I have no idea what to do to fix it. :sad:

At first it was only these TDK DVD+R that was using. Now it has trouble reading any DVD backup I have. I’ve also updated my firmware to BYX5 after this started happening.

i have a dru-710a and i have to say that has problems with some media. on some media when i burn it at 4x instead of 12 minutes it last an hour. i think this dvd writer has few media on fw.

I have a Sony DW-D26A in my dell inspirion laptop. Suddenly last week it stopped recognizing blank dvd+R discs (even DL dvd+R). It still recognizes the dvd-R. I tried restoring the computer back to the time it was working fine … but no change. Why would it suddenly stop recognizing blank dvd+R’s. When i insert a blank dvd=r disc it does the same thing reported by Mikaele_Nui. Any suggestions as to how this can be fixed??

If it does recognize blank -R then it should normally also recognize blank +R.

What mediacode do these media have and how are they rated?

And where do you see that they are not recognized, in a dvd burner software? And if yes, in which one.

This afternoon i went through many threads reporting problem with dw-d26a and in one of those someone mentioned about cleaning the laser head. Not knowing the the right way to clean it, i just took a soft cloth and cleaned the laser head. And guess what the drive recognized the blank dvd+r i inserted. I’m currently burning something and keeping my fingers crossed that it goes through smoothly.

Can someone please tell me the right way to clean the laser head???

Isopropanol & a q-tip.