Sony DRU-710A with dvd+r (or dvd-r) disk in it is recognised as a cd drive



need a little help. i have a Sony DRU-710A Drive. when there is no disk in the drive, it says it is a dvd drive. when i have a dvd+r (or dvd-r) disk in, it states that it is a cd drive.

also it shows when i have a disk in that for the free space there is 0 bytes. and next to total size, there is 0 bytes. :a

can anyone please give me some ideas on how to fix these problems??? any help would be appreciated. thank you


How to fix it? Dont use windows!!! I’m just kidding of course. This is perfectlly normal and you can completly ignore it. the problem is even worse if you are running xp with sp2 and the latest updates. What your drive identifies itself as can vary quite a bit depending on what type of disk is inseted. It is just windows making its best guess at what kind of media it is, and it changes how the drive shows accordingly. It is also perfectlly normal for you to insert a blank dvd and windows shows the avalable space as 0.
When you get some burning/playing software installed, they will be able to use the drive and disks just fine, reguardless of how windows identifies the drive.