Sony DRU-710A /u22A will not see eny empty cdr/dvdr

Sony DRU-710A /u22A will not see eny empty cdr/dvdr

i put in a blank cdr dvdr and it spite it out and says its not empty bu i then put the same cdr dvdr in me plextor and it works ??

the dvdrw is 6 months old what do you think is rong ??


as ever sc00terx

thats wierd. does the drive read other discs fine? or dos it just have problems with blanks?

i just put BYx3 on and am now testing it with a few dvdr- and + and some cdr so far it is righting to a 2x dvd-r next will be a 8x dvd +r a 8x dvd -r

will keep trying hmm :confused: :eek: :rolleyes: :eek:

look like its just cdr`s that it dont see hmm no idea why i am useing nero and if i put the same cdr that the sony says is not empty in the plextor its fine ?? :frowning:

it dont read cdr or rite to them just dvdr`s

what could be rong with this eny help would be cool thanks

as ever sc00terx


return the drive to where you bought it.

can some one tell me where to get the firmware for the 22a as i have the 710a in it now

dam this one came with the pc hope i dont have to return the pc as well :frowning:

it was a replacement for me pc that got wet :confused:

i just used the sony drive test and it failed read and right test on cdr

will give em a call in morning


just wish there was something i could do to fix it pity

as ever sc00terx