Sony DRU-710A Strange Burning Speed

I have a Sony DRU-710A DVD+RW drive and I am having some problems with the burning speed. When I burn a DVD it starts off at 6-7x and then makes its way up to about 10x and then jumps around from 4-8x for a few seconds and then settles at 6.1x for the rest of the burn, it does this with Verbatim MCC 004 16x DVD+R, and the same for CMC MAG E01 (but peaks at 8x) discs. I have tried loading Lite-on firmware CS0T and nothing changes. At the moment I am using BYX5 firmware. Can anyone help.
Oh and if it matters I am running the drive through an external firewire enclosure. The scan is of an MCC004 burn set at 16x.

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Can you post a burst rate test? Simply insert a disc (NOT a blank disc) on your drive and go to menu Run Test --> Burst Rate and then publish here results

I got a result of 12MB/sec (12669KB)

Then your firewire connection is too slow to sustain a faster burn.

I suggest you to burn not more than 8x. Take a look here to see if you find something useful (too bad a real big thread :frowning: )

I have now put it in a new firewire enclosure and got a burst rate of 25MB. Now how do I burn from an external HD to an external DVD+RW Drive at 16X. Are there any programs which I can set a very large buffer

I’m not sure that this is possible. To burn @16x you should use an internal HD as source of data. But this is only my opinion, actually I don’t know if its’ possible because I never tryied.

I burn with a Sony 710-UL on firewire from a Maxtor 250gb 1-touch, also on firewire at x16 with no problem.

Get very nice burns too!!