Sony DRU-710A... need help (EEPROM)

Hi guys. I have a big problem with this drive. After a bad firmware update, the EEPROM has been compromised. I need a saved EEPROM binary file (not the firmware). This can be done with LTNFLASH124. I need it urgent. Thanks in advance. Send the file here:

EEPROM request aren’t allowed here. it will also be useless to take a foreign eeprom, cause every drive is uniquely calibrated in the factory. with an other eeprom you will only get coasters.

I’m very sorry. I didn’t know that is not allowed. Is there any way to revive my drive? I have tried all the firmware that I found over the internet and windows still don’t want to recognize my drive. BIOS detect the drive, the eject is working, no blink of death but no drive in windows.

i don’t think that your eeprom is damaged. you should try to flash your drive with mtkflash in dos mode. just boot in dos, start mtkflash, hold the eject button for about 5secs (till the led flashes) and then flash th drive with a .bin firmware.

@choko i thought the same then i noticed CodeKing had edited the eeprom thread see the quote below.

ok, but i don’t thnk that stefanel’s eeprom is destroyed, because the drive is recognised by the BIOS.

No luck with MTKflash 1.55–>1.83… firmware by01–>by03… flashing complete but no drive in windows. I’m very sad… :frowning:

Tried again with MTKflash 1.83 and BYX3.bin. After finishing BANK15 it says DataSum ECB6, OPCSum 0. It’s normal that the OPCSum to be 0???

don’t know about the OPCSum. but i read somewhere that MtkFlash v1.62 works best with dvd-writers.

1.62 doesn’t even recognize the flash type.

even if you hold the eject button for some seconds?

yes… no luck

I ask about OPCSum because someone told me that the OPC contain important infos about the drive. Anyway… I can’t make this drive working… help me please… Is there any way to have it or not? I should think about a new drive?

Have you backup your EEPROM when it’s new…?

Try reload you own EEPROM

No… I don’t… do you have one for me?

how will you flash the eeprom when the drive isn’t recognised by windows?

here’s my eeprom (from sony dru-710a):

i’m not responsible for any damage!

It is… but as a cdrom with yyyyyyyyyyyyy yyy firmware.
Thank you. It’s the last try. I have nothing to lose because it’s already damaged… :frowning:

why don’t you try with a crossflash-patch enabled firmware?

try with this flasher in windows:

I did but it stop responding after 100%…

how long has the flash progress taken?

some drives need more time than others. (my dru-710a ~35 secs, a friends 710a ~3 mins)