Sony DRU 710A is acting up



I have been trying to backup some PS2 DVD’s. I picked up a 30 pack of some SonyDVD+RW.from Walmart’s.Ones with Accucore . I.D. was D21. And it just didnt want to work. I would put them in drive and it would just spin like crazy making some really bad noises like grinding. But drive works fine. It will burn my CD-RW’s and my Sony DVD+RW’s. It will read all discs. So i thought maybe it was something to do with that Accucore mess. So i went to Best Buy and bought a 50 spindle of some Verbatim DVD-R’s. But same thing but not as bad. It will set there forever trying to read the disc and then eventually it will finally show up in Imgburn. I havent been able to make a good burn with the Verbatims. I cleaned lens with a lens cleaner disc and even thought it might be system related and reinstalled windows XP SP3 …But still acts up on those DVD’s. Like i said my other media CD-RW’s,DVD+RW’s burn fine. I have had dvd burner for years but I dont really use it that much. so laser shouldnt be worn out or anything.


I dont see any where to edit the post after posting. But i ment Sony DVD +R’s as the ones that I bought at Walmarts that dont work.


I would buy a newer burner for 30 bucks…


Thats what i did. i bought one of Newegg for $25. Had a bunch of reviews. Like around 600 or so. And had a good rating. See what happens with the new drive. Just dont understand why it acts up with certain type of discs and is fine with other’s. Plays dvd movies ,music cd’s,can read playstation discs.pc games,etc. Burns cd+rw’s and dvd+rw’s…No noise and works great. But pop in one of those sony dvd+r and it sounds like its going to self destruct…


never existed. :slight_smile: