Sony DRU-710A flash failed - dead?!

Hi everybody…

Long, long ago I flashed my DRU-710A with a LiteOn Firmware. It worked perfectly…but yesterday (why ever) I tried to reflash the newest Sony Firmware. Something went wrong and the flash failed. Now the burner is blinking the whole time when power is on. Windows doesn’t recognize the drive but in the Bios it is listet and also now as Sony…but it does not work!
I tried to force a flash under DOS with MTKFlash…but also this does not work…the progress is allways 00% and does not go up.
So what can I do? Please help me.
Many thanks to all of you!

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Is the drive still seen by the Flash Utility and the Eeprom Utility ?

I tested it 5 secs ago and none of those tools shows the drive, only my 2nd CD-RW drive :frowning:

The LED blinks when the eeprom checksum does not fit to the firmware. How did you crossflash your drive from Sony to Liteon ? How did you try to go back to the Sony firmware ?
Even when the LED blinks, the drive should be accessable under Windows. Do you use the Microsoft IDE driver ?

I can’t remember how I did the flash, any instructions from codeguys, aproximately 1 year ago. It worked well until yesterday. For the flash back to the Sony Firmware I think I used the Flash Utility, but I really can’t remember because i was in trouble and angry -> so i forgot to look what exactly I did.
Any Ideas how to solve this problem?
Btw… könnten wir auch deutsch reden? :smiley:

We could, but not here :slight_smile:

Ok, have u any idea for my problem?
ehm, better idea…if u have it, let’s talk a little bit German via ICQ :slight_smile:
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Well ?

No I am using the Nvidia driver for my Nforce³ Chipset. Worked fine for the last year. Why?
Whats about ICQ?

Roll back to the original Microsoft IDE drivers and check if the Flash Utility sees the drive again.

After the rollback is is impossible to start Windows with the drive plugged in. It’s loading and loading but nothing happens. Now I started without the drive and tested plugging it in in Windows…but as I thought, this does not work!

Now I’ve also tried it with Knoppix, but with the drived pluged to the PC also this won’t boot. So what shell I do? Any solution?

Is the drive the only drive connected to the IDE cable ?

I tired it with only the Drive, but now I still have my 2nd drive installed.
What should I do?
Wouldn’t it be much more comortable talking with ICQ? It’s much faster and I really wanna get this crappy drive to work.

Press the drive’s eject button during power on, so it can be recognized by mtkflash. Then flash it with mtkflash 1.83c.

How exactly do you mean that? 1 minute ago I’ve tried it…pressed the power button and then the drive’s eject button. Also before mtkflash recognizes the drive…thats not the point, but it is unable to flash it?! This also did not work…I tried It with my prepared Floppy with mtkflash 1.80.1…what now?

Switch off the PC, press the eject button, power the PC on.

Hm, nothing happens if I do that. Tested now with mtkflash 1.83c. But also this doesn’t work. And there was no progress shown?! What should that do, if I press the button when power is off?! The Pc doesn’t recognize that or? What now?
And why do you ignore my ICQ request? Just let me know if u don’t want that.
But first thanks for your past help!!

Ok, to make it clearer:
Switch off the PC, press the eject button and keep it pressed - do not release it, power the PC on, wait 10 seconds, release the eject button.

I love you! Worked perfectly! And one thing left…now I know why the flash killed my drive…i’ve got a DRU-7[B]20[/B]A und not a 710…
Nevertheless…THANKS !!!