Sony DRU-710A + Firmware update + Alcohol 120%


I was burning alcohol 120% images perfectly on my DRU-710A until I installed the firmware update (BYX2). After this, Im having problems. The program doesnt get to 1% and after 5 minutes says that there is a problem with the ‘recording procedure’. The disc is still blank.
Oh and by the way, Ive always had service pack 2 installed so I dont think that has anything to do with it. Can someone help? Thanks!

This is with a DVD-R disc, I assume?

Revert back to one of the BY0- firmwares. If you want to know more about just what this problem is, you can search for “leadin problems” in the LiteOn forum

Yes its a DVD-R disc. Do I need to disable DMA when reverting? If so, how exactly do i do that? Also, should I be uninstalling all my burning software?