Sony DRU-710A Does Not Recognize CD

I was copying CD’s the other day using Nero Express when I got an error message that it did not burn the CD. I could not even eject the CD so I rebooted and then got the CD out and tried again. This time it did not even recognize a CD - music or audio. I removed the device in Hardware Manager and rebooted (Windows XP) and the same result. I then updated to the latest firmware and still the same result. The drive will recognize and copy a DVD but not a CD. Can anyone help?

You removed the drive or the ide device? If you didn’t I would recommend you do. Windows will find and re-install when re-booted.

I removed from hardware device manager. It recognizes the device but won’t burn CD

Same damn thing here, I can read and write DVD’s and quite well at that, yet no matter what cd media I use I can’t read or write it. That’s an anomaly if I ever did see one. I’ve used all versions of factory firmware, available on sony’s storage support site. The lens is spotless, to rule that out. the IDE channel is fine, cabling is new. Any ides anyone? I’ve tried using the drive in Ubuntu 9.04, windows xp and windows 7 rc, all producing the same results. :confused: