Sony dru 710a dead, failed flash?

Hi all,

Brand new to this forum…trying to get some ideas on what happened to my Sony Dru 710a dvd burner.

I have had it for about 2 years now, and have just started noticing that is being labeled as a cd drive in ‘my computer’, it normally showed dvd-rw. So I decided to go to the Sony site and check for an updated firmware. I saw that there is the ‘BYX5’ firmware. So I downloaded it, and proceded to flash. An error came up saying that it could not flash and it could not find the device sony dru 710a. But then right under that message it showed all my drives EVEN the dru 710a. Well now, I get NO power to the drive, I switched power cables and ide cable with other drive that was slaved to it…no problem it works. Oh, I guess I should tell you how I have them hooked up. I am using a pci ata controller card, this dru 710a is the master and another drive is the slave. I have 2 hard drives and 3 other drives (the dru 710a, a dvd player, and another cd burner). Hence the reason for the ata controller card.

Did my dvd burner get toasted some how? Any way to revive it?

My system specs:

Windows XP sp2
ASUS P4C800 deluxe m/b
Intel 2.8c 800 fsb
1 GB ddr 400 ram
Nvidia 660GT vid card

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated,