Sony DRU-710A Crapped?



This is the 2nd Sony 710A to do this. What can be the cause?
The 1st one worked great for about a month and 1/2.
2nd one pooped 1st time of use.
I tried to burn a CD and Nero hung during the lead out. Had to abort and restart the computer and from this point on the drive will not recognize CD’s at all. DVD’s are just fine plays them and Burns them.
CD’s however are not useable at all.
Commercial music CD’s or Software CD’s nothing. What could possibly be the problem.
Is is the Drive? Iam beginning to think something is wrong with the computer itself except evrything else works fine. I mean if the IDE was out the drive wouldn’t work at all, right?


Wow the help is overwhelming, Thanks guys.
Anyway don’t care anymore threw the damn thing out and bought a Pioneer DVR-109
So far so good. That was my 1st and Last Sony/Lite-On


First, you can’t always expect a response right away. Other than that, the only thing I could think of is potentially a power-supply issue in the computer itself? What wattage power supply are you running - what kind of computer, etc…? I wouldn’t know what would cause the drives to burn out like that unless it is just a bad batch of drives but with it being 2 in a row it seems very odd. :frowning:


It’s just a Liteon 1633, they’re all crap! I’ve been through 6 of them. Get a refund and purchase a real drive. BenQ 1620 or NEC 3500 would be a good choice. I prefer the 1620…



I’ve been through 6 of them…
what a slow learner :slight_smile:


You have obviously missed the point…….


itz just that if the first 2 were duds, i be sure not ordering another 4 to need convincing


Again you miss the point as I’ll order at least four more (going on 10) to prove a point! If you had been following my post the last few weeks you’d know the story. So take a break on the insinuations and sarcasms…