Sony DRU-710A BXY4 Doesn´t read any Media

Yesterday my DVD burner stop reading CD and DVD media (burned and pressed) it´s only make noises but don´t recognize the disc no matter what type is.

Help needed.

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem with my drive. It won’t read any disc factory or not. The drives are definately defective. I have emailed Sony I suggest you do the same or call them. They owe us new drives and anyone else who bought them. They should have been recalled. These are made in China and the quallity of Sony products have been dropping. :a

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Here is this better. I thought this thread had to do with a bad DVD RW and not font size if you have something relevent to add please do or go back to you B-hits and mind your own business. [SIZE=-1]

this question has been asked a lot of times. you just have to use tzhe search function.
and if you want to flame, this is not the right forum.