Sony DRU-710A Burning questions

My PC will not recognize any burned dvds from my Sony DRU-710A, but my PS2, friend’s standalone, and his dvd drive on his computer picks them up and plays them fine. I am using Memorex DVD-R media to burn. I am ripping and burning with DVD Shrink. I am really getting frustrated here since I cannot find an answer.

okay, I’ve searched and read through page 60 in the lite-on forum. Finds out that there a numerous people here that are or have experienced my problem and have yet to find an answer to the problem. Maybe Mods can make a stick or FAQ of this topic. I’ve been searching endlessly over a lot of forums in search of the answer as to why my dvd burner will not pick up/play the dvd it burns.

I also had the exact same problem, DRU-710a using Memorex DVD-r disks, i could burn them but not read them back using the same drive. Fortunately i have another DVD Rom in the same computer that read them just fine. I pretty much given up hope on figuring this one out. I went to the Sony website and found that they had changed the firmware upgrade to another version that was older then what i was using…so i tried downgrading to “BY02” and then i was able to burn and read DVD-r disks. I never had problems using the DVD+R media…


would PC voltage have to do anything with this??

@ gone crabby
It might. That has been the answer for some.