Sony DRU 710A 16X Read speed hack

Hi all,

My first post here. Just used omnipatcher on BYX4 -cf -ledfix to increase read speed to 16X. If I remember right, the default read was 4x. I want to know if 16X is safe? What problems can I expect w.r.t. reading DVD’s etc?

I just tried ripping a DVD with Decrypter. Max read was about 12X.


8x is the default read speed. my 710a with 1653S CS0M firmware doesn’t read well with 16x. now i use the 12x readspeed hack. it works better than 16x.

My recollection is that Omnipatcher can now add 16x read, but that speed is really only worth using for stress-testing a burn for a good transfer plot - added to the recent firmware issue that throws a wobbly between 12 and 13x, it’s really not worth doing - in fact, since the glitch can strike at the end of a 12x, it would be nice if 11x were possible (or maybe 10x, for getting a read that sould be as good as 8x, but 25% faster).

On the DVD-ROM drives, with a 12x, 14x and 16x tweak, the 16x is again, better for testing than for real use, since it takes a REALLY good burn not to show the strain at the end.

Guess I’ll go back to 8X. Thanks for the replies.