Sony DRU-710A 16X DVD R/W Drive

Does anyone have any comments or reviews on the Sony DRU-710A DVD R/W drive? I’m thinking of buying one but don’t know much about the drive. Any pros or cons would be appreciated.

from what i have seen it appears to be way over-priced for the same or better NEC or PIONEER DVD drives.


Nec ND-3500AG is one of the best 16x burners out-

You can find it for $69 shipped at

BTW - Most Sonys are rebadged LiteOns-


I see that the Sony is pretty much the same price as the new Plextor PX-716A. But I understand they’re having a ton of trouble with the Plextor which I’m sorry to see. Would be nice to have the 8meg cache. Does everyone seem to agree that the NEC ND-3500 is at least equal to these two or would one be better off waiting till the bugs are fixed in the Plextor? I’m not in a huge hurry to get it. I’m running the Liteon SOHW-1213-S 12X R/W now and it does a good job. Just getting bored waiting to have surgery on my back and thought I’d try something a little better and faster to help pass time. Thanks for any ideas and thoughts.

Hi there,

If you already have the SOHW-1213S, you can convert the drive into a Sony 710A… :wink:

BTW, if you are looking at getting a new drive, you may want to check out [thread=113670]this thread[/thread]. The BenQ is fine drive.

Most Sonys are rebadged LiteOns-
I wont get started, (have heard this too many times) Most is an exagerrated statement, some yes, but some Liteons are rebadged Sonys. Any Liteon with the SOHW in the model is a practically a Sony, if you pull the case off you can see that. I love my Sony, and I love my Liteon too.
@Sportfish The 710A is a 100% EFM capable drive, you wouldn’t go wrong with it, but as said before is overpriced.

The BenQ is fine drive.
Indeed it is. :iagree:

OK Sounds like the majority of you feel the Sony is a Great drive but spendy. What about the issue with the Plextor PX-716A? Any new news on it? I see tha Plextor has come out with a firmware upgrade but is it helping the problem or is it just a bandaid? Thanks to all who have replied.

OK Code. How does one go about converting the Liteon to a 710A?


Actually, most Sonys are rebadged LiteOns. The last drives Sony designed and produced on their own were the DRU-500A and 510A (from 2003). These are, to my knowledge, the only drives that LiteOn ever rebadged from Sony (e.g., LDW-400D). All of Sony’s combo drives are rebadged Liteys. They have since exited the optical business because it’s not very profitable and instead are focusing on Blu-Ray and letting LiteOn do all the work. All of Sony’s DVD writers (except for DRU-530A/540A) are rebadged Liteys. The “SOHW” in LiteOn’s name indicates the LiteOn-Sony alliance. And all of Sony’s DVD-ROMs except for the 162x series are rebadged Liteys.


The 710A is a rebadged 1633S, so the process of converting to a 710A would be identical to the process of converting to a SOHW-1633S. Since this is the newbie forum, I should warn you that technically, any such conversion would void your warranty. Just like if you try to overclock a CPU.

Alternatively, you can just convert your drive to a 1633S, since the BS0K firmware for the 1633S is quite a bit newer than the BY01 firmware for the 710A.

Thank You kindly for the info.

Don’t buy the Sony, instead go for a better LiteOn drive or perhaps the NEC drive. I have not physically used the NEC so I can’t comment on it, but I have two LiteOn drives that have been working perfectly. Many programs cater to LiteOn drives, like KProbe. LiteOn drives work well with many types of media as well as CloneDVD/AnyDVD, etc.

Thanks for the info. I’m using a Liteon SHOW 1213S 12X now and it’s done rather well. I’m now trying to verofy the speed with Nero DVD speed test but I don’t believe I’m doing it right. Using Memorex 8X DVD+R media but only got 2.56X for speed on my first test. I don’t think I did it right. Any info on how to’s with this test would be appreciated. Thanks

I don’t use Nero…since you have a LiteOn drive go ahead and learn how to use KProbe2. It works perfectly with your drive and can give you very informative results. Sorry that I can’t help you there but I can point you in the right direction for the KProbe2 thread:

This is the link for Nero CD-DVD speed thread:

Now you have the choice to learn about both and how to use them. You choose which one you like best.

you should also consider that these 16X drives only burn @ 16X to single layer [ DVD-5 ] +R, and that burning speeds with other media generally stay the same.
one example among many

Yo code65536-

Thank you for your supportive answer-

The comment was ment to help someone with a question - not ment to be vendictive or any thing else-

BTW - just happen to be the proud (former) owner of two Sony 510’s - who left the Sony DVD burner camp when the product became something less than its former self…


Hey Big Mike. I see that your using Nero 6.6. Can you tell me how to do a proper DVD speed test with Nero? Or supply any link or info that pertains to this issue? Thanks


Yo Mark-

Be sure to download the latest CD-Speed 3.5 - then just follow the directions and all should be good-


Hey Mike. I did that and the results stunk. Like I said earlier, the thing just flatlined through the entire test at 2.56X. I just ran one on my laptop and it came out good. I’m starting to think my new Liteon may be defective.


Your LiteOn may just be defective (I don’t particularly care for them - as you may have noticed above)-

If you are getting a different reading on your laptop - then the LiteOn drive is certainly suspect-


Hey Mike. Well I ran 3 more tests and all 3 stunk. It’s coming out in the morning and going back for replacement or refund. May have to give the NEC 3500 a try. I did just see a thread that claimed that the NEC wasn’t the greatest for buring audio Cd’s. Have you found this to be true? I do about a 50/50 ratio in burning CD’s and DVD’s so I need something that is great for both. Appreciate the info and any more that you may have.