Sony Dru 710 (liteon) drive firmware question



I have been told elsewhere on this forum that my sony drive is actually a liteon. Does anyone know which liteon Model it actually is? Is there a “firmware Identifier” program I can run to tell me what version its using? I love that DVD identifier prog I got from reading a post on here. I had an Akai 3850s standalone that wouldnt play half the stuff I burned. I got the old “stop start” problem. Always happened about 40mins or more into the disc, and would continue till it completely froze. Ironicly bought one of those cyberhome units and it plays everything, but I fear it will break in three months due to how cheaply it was made. SOrry im rambling, love the forun guys, very informative and helpfull!!


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Run Nero Infotool for f/w version. Or you can use the tool in KProbe2, it gives much info on your drive.
The Sony dru-710 is a rebadged sohw-1633s. With the newest firmware BYX2 it has the same specifications as the sohw-1653s (4x +R DL and 12x -R enhanced).

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DVD Identifier IS a firmware identifying program. When you select which drive to read the disc from, in the top ‘window’ , the drive is listed([E:] SONY DVDRW DRU-710A) followed by “[FW ???]” with the 4 ?s being your firmware version.


thanks for the info, now I need to get the new firmware mine is the old one, BY03. sorry Please, I hadnt realized dvd idenifier had that feature. I dled that to see if the cds I had problems burning were because of the dyes.


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No problem, glad to help. That is a good and useful program to have:). Check out the FAQs before posting if you have other questions. There is a wealth of info there :iagree: . You may find many other useful programs and advice/knowledge there as well :wink: