Sony Dru-701A wont burn at 16X



i have a sony dru-701a with the latest firmware version installed. i am using memorex 16X DVD-R discs and for some reason i can only get to 8X burning speeds. i got some other info on another forum that you cannot burn at fast speeds if your computer isnt fast enough to do so. is this true? i have a celeron 2.4GHZ with 648 memory. any help here will be greatly appreciated.


My other PC is a Celeron 1.2 GHz with 512MB of RAM, and I can reach 12x at least (and I think that may be caused by using a 40 wire IDE cable). So I doubt it’s the specs of your system that is causing the speed thing.

Memorex isn’t the best media anyway - quality can be variable with it. Have you tried another brand of media?

What IDE cable do you have, 40 or 80 wire? Is 8x the maximum speed you are offered, or just the maximum speed you reach?

Also, checking your DMA may help, if only just to rule it out. :slight_smile:

Just a few things to look at, don’t know if it’ll help. :slight_smile:


If 8x is the best option you get for burning - from a drop down menu - then it’s likely that the burners firmware is coded to only allow 8x as the max speed for that media.

If DMA was not enabled 4x is about all you’d get plus errors.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed - disc info - to get the media ID & write speeds available as in this picture. Do it on yours & post back your results. Note that this app will save the picture for you by clicking on the “floppy drive” in the top right hand corner. Choose PNG format.


I do not know if its 40 or 80 wire. I did replace the cable with the new one that came along with the box though. Heres the nero cd-dvd speed info;


I’m afraid that 8x is all you’ll get with the burner & firmware. I think this media is relatively new.
My LG doesn’t know about this media but my Benq & Liteon would burn it at 16x.

You might find a firmware update on Sony’s site somewhere or you could cross flash it to the Liteon that it really is.


Sony Dru-710A is a rebadged LiteON 1633S/1653S and only burns dvd-r at 12x max.

CMCMAG.AM3 is only supported at 8x in firmware.

A very few 16x dvd-r media is supported at 12x. TTH02, OPTODISCR016, RITEKF1, SONY08D1


So no point in crossflashing then , at least not just for this media.


ahh what a bummer then. well thanx for all your help guys, i guess i will leave it be.