Sony DRU-700A

(Ok, itโ€™s a LiteOn topic, but this writer is a LiteOn 832S (or not? :wink: ).

Please help!
Iโ€™ve bought a Sony DRU-700A writer. I heard, that this writer is identical to LiteOn 832S.
Can I use Kprobe2 with the Sony (Sony firmware) or should I burn into the Sony a Liteon firmware?
Will I get proper/exact results with the Sony or not?

Please! :bow: :bow: :bow:

(Sorry for my bad english. :sad: )

Kprobe will work with the DRU-700A using its Sony firmware. Since it is really an 832S, the results should be the same as if you were running it on a โ€œproperโ€ Lite-On.

Thank you! Thank for the quick answer!
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