Sony dru-700a

I have this drive and i also have sony dru-510a,
the sony dru-510a hardly ever made coasters using cmc mag af1 media but the sony dru-700a wasted almost all i’ve tried
I know that its not good media but i have alot ,I bought before i knew better
what pathches or firmware using omnipatcher should i try?
thanks for any help

The Sony VY02 firmware is a bit problematic. If I were you, I’d ditch the Sony firmware and go for the real thing (i.e., load the LiteOn VS04 firmware). That might help resolve some of your problems.

And be sure to making whining noises to Sony support because they really need to get their act together when it comes to firmware updates.

I apreciate :slight_smile: I will make whining noises to Sony support
I’m afraid to burn dl and make $$ coaster :frowning:

I did try VS04 but same thing ,no response back from sony yet
maybe i have a bad drive , did not give me cofidence to try dl
I’m going to try the nec 2510

Just tell Sony to take their problematic drive back and buy straight from lite-on and save yourself the extra cash for media. I got stuck with one of those Sony DW-U18A oem drives that Sony was to happy to allow people to think was just an oem version of the DU-530A. Yeah, if you consider a drive an oem version that is made by a different company and has absolutely no warrenty.

Avoid Sony gear like the plauge. A year ago I would swear by Sony for quality but I now have a new opinion of their company and their business tactics. I have purchased 2 Sony products in the past 4 months. A Surround Sound a/v reciever (which has been in for repairs twice now) and the rebadged DW-U18A that I have never been able to get to burn a DVD without crc errors. Nice to know I never realized it before the 30 day return policy was up where I purchased it from. So now I have either a $110 paperweight or a really expensive CD Burner.

Funny, the message I got back from Sony after a week they explained to me they make the drive for oem manufacturers and destributors and offer absolutely no warrenty on the drive. Funny, everyone in the world now knows Sony does not make it but rather Lite-on does.

Well, live and learn and don’t buy Sony. Anyone remember Sony’s old slogan, “Sony, no bologny” At this point I would be happy if it atleast made it to bologny status rather then the rhine that you throw away from the bology…