Sony DRU-700a

Anybody elese having writing problems with this Sony drive? I have a Plextor that burns great on the cheap Teon media I got with the Sony 700a but the Sony burns coasters. Plus, the Plextor burns a complete DVD in about 15 minutes (it only supports 4x on -R which is all staples had left) whereas the Sony takes like 45 minutes and is supposedly burning at 8x. Seems like crap to me; I even upgraded to their latest firmware (version 6 I think). Any ideas? I understand this is a rebadged LiteOn.


These drives are very picky thats why i just got myself a Pioneer 108, if you want decent burns on your 700a i suggest you get some good quality +r and i mean ‘good quality’ asin TY etc

Where’d you get the VY08 firmware? I saw VY06 as the newest. just scroll down to dru-700a