SOny DRU 700A users. Please help, Drive does not detect any media

Hello, I had recently a problem with my DRU 700A firmware update. I updated without change in DMA modes to PIO and when i restarted the computer the drive was detected by win but does not detect media inserted.

I have tryed to update with all firmwares possible but without results. Drive is also detecting nothing. I dont know if an update with MTKFLASH can fix it, but i need the original firm. Can anyone extract his original firm in binary and send it to me? Or do you know where can i take 03 or similar firmware?

I need help, i dont know if the drive is Dead or if this can be fixed.

Any idea?

Could the flash affect to the EPROM?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

It’s possible than a burner dont detect CD/DVD inserted for problems in Region?

I have never touched this thing but i don’t know if with the misflash can it been bad configured


Hi Noymn,

I had a Sony 700A and nothing but trouble with the unit, finally failing to write at all. A Tech told me that Sony writers are not what they used to be. So do yourself a favour a throw it and buy a NEC ND-3520A. I have 2 NECs and they read and write all that I do in DVD authoring, also, they are a lot cheaper than other well known expensive brands. They come with Nero6 OEM and it is worth the extra money for an upgrade to the full Nero6.

Hopes this helps,