Sony DRU-700A spotted on USA store shelves

I just posted the article Sony DRU-700A spotted on USA store shelves.

zutton used our news submit to tell us “Have not seen any posts that these made it to retail in
the USA. Posted a picture of the store display as proof.”
Well zutton, good work…

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Its been at Fryes in San Jose for a month now. I almost bought one but went for the 107 instead.

It’s been at BestBuy for almost a month now too… Nothing new.

Yes, I must admit has been around for quite some time. I hope to run into its OEM brother this weekend at the Costa Mesa Computer Fair. I should take some pictures of that for you guys. You would slobber all over yourselfs. Fry’s is always a second choice, I spend to much $$$ their. Can’t beat $59 2.5celeron and motherboard deals. Great Picture though, you can always check out which is frys also.

I can confirm its been in Australia for 2 weeks now. I’m deciding whether to get it or wait for the Pioneer A09 which will be a beauty.

They’ve been available in Blighty (UK) for ages, they were the first rapidly followed by the NEC 2510A and Lite-ON 832. The later two cost under £100 at most places, well under in the case of the NEC drive. Seems odd for the UK to be quick of the mark. As for the Sony, it’s well over priced as most Sony kit is… Incidentally my 2510A arrived today and once the media gets to a vaguely sensible price I’ll be performing some comparative tests between it and my 2500A with Herries 107v2B5 firmware (and possibly Herries 2510A firmware modified for the 2500A) depending on the results with 107v2B5.

I bought one at BestBuy 3 weeks ago.

I’m glad it has been spotted in the States. We sold our first in our shop in Belgium 4 weeks ago…
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yeah, i saw them in last sundays paper at best buy too… i’ll wait till the media is reasonable tho

Well the Sony looks nice but since its now a lite on, I figured I would try the NEC 2510a which I picked up new today for $77, So I fiugred what the heck