Sony DRU 700A - Slowdown when using

First, i’m not a dvd-r newbie by any means. I first got the sony dru 500 when they first came out nearly 2 years ago, and I’ve updated within the last 6 months to this wonderful 700a that I now have. But about a month or two ago, i started to notice problems with the drive that hasn’t happened before. I’m getting substantial computer slowdown whenever I use it for reading and writing dvd’s. It doesn’t have any problems when I do cd’s and cd-rs, just with dvd’s.
Also, it doesn’t matter which software I’m using. I get the same slowdown weather i’m reading a disc with DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, or Nero, nor does it matter if i’m burning the disc with nero, alcohol, or decrypter. I get the same slowdown no matter what. and it doesn’t seem to be the media i’m using, cause it could be anything (i tried multiple brands for burning)

As i said, the slowdown never used to happen before, just recently it’s been doing it. I have all the driver updates that sony provides, and my windows is up to date.

So you know, i’m running an Athlon 1700+, with 1gb ram. And I have made no hardware changes for a while, and it definatly didn’t start when i did give my system another stick of ram to get it to the 1gb. I’m very confused. any help would be appreciated, thank you.