Sony DRU-700A +R with bitsetting

Hi all,

sorry for such a question but would really appreciate your answer. My TDK DVD+R’s burn fine and have yet not failed even one. However the +R’s don’t play on my XBOX so I have to burn them on -R’s. I don’t have a 100 % success rate with -R’s.

I’m using the original sony VY05 firmware.

My question is that if I install the VY05 patched firmware with bitsetting enabled, do I have to make any software change to write in the correct mode which would make my +R playable on the xbox?

Below is the firware location which I’m gonna flash my drive with.
Sony DRU-700A
• VY05 - patched - enabled bitsetting support

Thanks soo much all.

It may be more of a problem with the games you are trying to LEGALLY (I’m assuming) back up.

To answer this question accurately we need more info. What brand of media are you using, what speed are you burning at, which specific game backups don’t work with -R, what burning program are you using? Etc.

You’ll need to use the Liteon BookType Utility to change the drive to burn discs with the booktype as DVD-ROM.

All copies including backups don’t work on xbox. I’m using the TDK +R media. I gave this media to a friend of mine and he burned a movie and it worked just fine on xbox.

My assumption was that if I install the patched firmware, it would booktype all the burns of +r with booktype of DVD-ROM. Isisnt that true?

Dave, I tried going to the site on your sig, However I could not find the utility. Moreove I’m using the drive on an external enclosure so I cannot change the firmware through the bin file.

Also jb2002, the exact same games work when copied on -R discs. Even a regular video disc burned on a +r will not work.

Get it from
Yes, you can flash an external drive using LtnFW.

Sorry for my questions but:

  • Will the Liteon book type utility work with my sony dru700A? I have the patched vy05 firmware which supports bitsetting.
  • Do I have to run this utility for every disc I insert prior to burn?

Thanks so much

Yes, the utility works with the patched VY05, but not with the Stock VY05 firmware since Sony asked for bitsetting to be removed from this version.

Since the booktype setting is stored in volatile memory in the drive, you must set the default booktype to DVD-ROM every time you restart your computer. You could use the OmniPatcher to modify the firmware so that it sets itself to burn as DVD-ROM by default instead of Normal by default so that the default booktype is set to DVD-ROM already when you restart.

dhc014, Thank you so much for your help.

I hate to ask finally but is it recommented to patch the firmware to burn as DVD-ROM everytime?
Are there any advantages with booktype +R?
Will omnipatcher patch the executable itself or will it patch the bin file?


Omnipatcher makes changes to the binary firmware inside of the executable if you give it an unscrambled/uncompressed self-contained windows flasher. Burning with the booktype as DVD+R has no advantages.


Thanks for your replys. Your the best !

I tried omnipatcher.

Do I have to select Enable Autobitsetting to enable the booktype of +r’s as ROM’s?
If not is there another option which I must select?

thanks dhc014

If you do not enable Auto Bitsetting to DVD-ROM using OmniPatcher, then the drive will just leave the booktype of the disc untouched when it burns, a DVD+R will have a DVD+R booktype and a DVD+RW will have a DVD+RW booktype. If you use OP to set the drive to burn as DVD-ROM by default, then you don’t need to use the Liteon tool to change the drive to burn aas DVD-ROM beforehand.

thanks dhc014,

I’ll select the option in OP with:
Enable Audobitsetting and update the firmware. As I understand that should booktype the +r’s with ROM’s. Will update with results. Thanksss

dhc014, I used booktype to change the booktype of DVD+R and it worked perfectly on my XBOX. Thank you very much for your guidance and assistance.

Thank Liteon for finally supporting bitsetting! There was a time when they said they wouldn’t support it. I bet they’re happy they now do :slight_smile:

Soooo you backed up an xbox game to a DVD+rR with a ROM bitsetting and in worked fine in a no modded box???

hmm kinda confusing. If we flash DRU700A with VY05 (with bitsetting enabled). That means if we wan to burn a dvd+r as a dvd-rom. we juz use the booktype tool from liteon to set the dvd+r to dvd-rom, then we juz burn with watever software we wan.

If we do not wan to go through the hassle we juz use omnipatcher to enable the autobitsetting then whenever we put a dvd+r into the drive it will auto burn as dvd-rom. If wat I presume is right please give me the green light or thumbs up. if not feel free to correct me.

hahah that sure is one big green light. Anyone tinker with VY06 heard from other threads it is juz released. So is Sony still that badass and disable bit-setting?

No, bitsetting works again in VY06 from what I’ve read. There are a few good threads in the Liteon section about this firmware.